Hand Lettering & Happiness

I'll tell you what – some days I am waaay more productive than others. As my mom always says, it must be the weather. I always laugh this off, but seriously, I've noticed I'm more productive on sunny days. It's like the perpetual Seattle clouds just suck all the drive and creativity right out of me. 

So to recap: we've had some great, beautiful weather this week, and also I've crossed a ton of things off my list this week. Coincidence? I think not. 

Congratulate yourself on making it through the week

Congratulate yourself on making it through the week

This morning, after I accidentally fell back asleep until *cough* 10:30 am *cough* I made my way out to a coffee shop and finished this fun hand lettering piece. I love art that makes me (and hopefully others) happy. I love sunshine and bright colors and coffee and I think we should all sleep till 10:30 am every day so our creativity tanks can be filled up to the brim! 

My goals for the weekend include continuing this pattern of extra sleep, soaking up some sun, and seeking out inspiration in this beautiful city. What are yours? 

– A